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www.invisibleinkediting.com review

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www.invisibleinkediting.com review and discounts


Invisible Ink Editing sounds good. Do not be fooled mistaking the wish for the reality. Nice cover or catchy name do not mean relevant inside. Read more in the review below, which will help you to decide whether it is even worthy to request assistance online because there are many frauds nowadays.


The simplicity of navigation and design itself is beneficial. Once you look for online helper, browsing through the Internet, a wide range of services are at your service but which one to choose is a problem. Here, you can see a navigation panel, which makes it to where you are able to find information upon what services the company provides with, that there are editing, audiobook production and cover design. There is information upon the company itself so anyone who feels like it could introduce oneself to the company. There is also information given about the team of the company and a visitor is able to see the photos of each team member, which makes it closer to the staff.


I find the pricing to be rather expensive. I mean I have seen less expensive with an okay quality that will do. I cannot say for the quality of papers produced on here to be at least okay looking. In addition, I found a few mistakes, which personally I would never make in my entire life and I am not even a B student. Misprint is a lazy excuse in my humble opinion.

Quality of paper

As has already been mentioned, the quality of papers delivered through this service is bad, low, and trashy. There are many more things I could say but I rather do not. I thought I would be saved asking for help online. As a result, I turned out to be in a deeper trouble.

Policy of price

There is a pricing guide for each type of service. Once you choose services section on the navigation panel, then you will get to see at textual information upon how much each type of service costs. There is no table of prices but a whole piece of text. A table would be better. As soon as you made a decision, you press send us a submission line, which is clickable.

Order details

To place an order, one should go to the submit section on the navigation panel. I filled in in a few minutes a simple enough application form. There is also a contact information one may feel free to use and get an answer to any query, which might occur. I tried it just to check out how competent an operator is and she was okay.


I should admit that the design is probably the only catchy thing about the service. The rest is not that good as I expected, as I found some mischiefs. I enjoyed the inkwell section though but we are not in amusement park and we should be realistic. Once a professional editing resource is required, I can’t recommend this one due to high prices. Editing Services Company should combine within itself a perfect combination of these two. My decision to apply for help on here was far from astute.

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