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www.biomedproofreading.com review

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www.biomedproofreading.com review and discount code


Looking for a proper service on biomed proofreading, I came across this one, which I thought was an excellent customer service providing with translation, copy editing and proofreading of manuscripts on medicine and other life sciences. This is what is told on its official website.


It is very good for a service to be specialized in some area very well. It is much better than to have a wide range of services but few knowledge on each subject area. The website has a team of writers, editors and proofreaders who are meant to be eager to help sincerely and quick. Being fast-paced and keeping the level of quality high is unquestionable evidence of people`s professionalism.


It is said on the homepage of the website that two editors review every manuscript and it made it to where I was thinking it might double my chances for getting a perfectly accomplished paper but what a naïve person I turned out to be. I knew I was before but I did not know it to be to that extent. There were still glitches found and by whom? By me? An average person with the naked eye.

Quality of paper

When I needed someone to do English copy editing for my paper on pathogenesis (actually I needed help a few times, those were papers on neurobiology, audiology and hematology), I thought it would be a good decision to request assistance of a professional, an expert in this field. I knew almost nothing about that all, but when I got my papers back and saw the level of the quality of those manuscripts, I was a bit disappointed, as I expected for better result.

Policy of price

To be able to view the pricing list, one should go to the rates section on the panel above. There is no table of prices though just a plain text with a price sheet. To say that I was unpleasantly surprised with the costs for copy editing is to say nothing. I was hoping for cheaper pricing and I happened to find cheaper besides to pay this money for the quality, which is not worthy of this money at all is outrageous.

Order details

To make an order, go to a document submission option on the panel mentioned above. You will get to see an application form to fill in. It looks quite heavy and as if too much is going on. I would suggest simplifying it just so it was not looking this scary at the first gaze. It takes ages to fill in all the necessary information.


I thought the better of the website. Due to its professional look, and the design is very nice, there is nothing extra, no advertisement popping up, the color palette is chosen wisely, and its specialty, it could have been better at service quality and cheaper at pricing. At least contact information is valid and no burden with additional software to be able to view the content and irrelevant graphic images. What I liked is Clevereditor.com/. I highly recommend to everyone who cares for the quality.

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