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threepennyeditor.com reivew and discount code


Editing has become a very popular type of work nowadays along with proofreading. There are various kinds of editing and it is an integral part of the writing process. Any manuscript, no matter whether it is a college assignment, an academic paper or a book review, requires editorial work before publishing.


The design is an indisputable proof of the service`s benefits. It stands out and the designers did a great job working upon it. The design is the first thing a visitor sees entering the website so it should make a good impression without fail. Everything is supposed to be on a right place. There should be a navigation panel and the less graphics it got, the better because it distracts from the main textual information. Therefore, excellent design – check! Navigation panel – check! Quite right amount of graphics – check!


Despite the positive feedbacks one is able to find right on the start page of the website, I disagree because what I received was far from what I expected to receive and far from what the service promises. It is a huge mistake of a company to promise more than it can give. This company is unfortunately a vivid example of such a situation.

Quality of paper

Basically, what I needed was few things – I needed a book editing for a friend, critique for mine, design and a couple of free advice. That is all what the service provides with so I was happy at first to accidentally find it browsing the Internet. After a few minutes of looking it through and admiring its interface, clicking here and there, and then going back to the starting point, I made an order but when I got my orders back, I had regrets for choosing this service because the quality was not as high as I expected. If you need an excellent quality, go to editing-services.org/.

Policy of price

The policy of price is also no picnic. It is hardly pleasant due to its being out of pocket, which is not fun at all. I knew it might cost me a bundle because of professionals at work but believe me that quality does not cost that much. I could do the job with the same result and it would save me effort of paying anything. I like the way the service is called though, that is funny, looks like a very good joke to me. Thanks for giving some good laughs!

Order details

One may find pitfalls in that spot. You will be simply unable to find how to make an order from looking at the website at first. It took me time to find it, which is no good. Things should not be like this. A visitor must have everything at handy especially how to place an order and how much to pay for it. Instead, what we have here is wandering around with the aim to place an order.


The outer shell of the website is much better than its inner shell. The management of the company had to work better and find not only excellent web designers but also same excellent team of editors to work with academic papers because the task is chargeable and dutiful people are required. There is no place of average but for the best only, the masters of their craft. Once a person applies for help, s/he needs to get it professional. There is no point to ask for assistance otherwise but to do it on one`s own spending no money and could be for less amount of time. Oh and just for your information, it takes the service more than just two hours to review and polish a paper.

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