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proofeditme.com review

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proofeditme.com review and discounts

I came to this site when was looking for a professional to edit my Master’s research proposal. The document was quite complex, and I was seeking an editor to take a look at it before submission. The company is located in Brisbane and offers a number of editing services as well as web writing. The site has a convenient layout; however, its design looks quite gloomy.

Prices and services

They offer three types of services – structural editing (or heavy editing), copy editing (or slight editing) and proofreading. I stayed on the first type and the price for my 11 pages was $52.25. Actually, my paper was 10 pages but I wasn’t sure if they edit References page for free (Editing Writing Services offers this option, but on some sites I was asked to pay for editing references). The price was very cheap for this king of project. Proofreading is even cheaper, by the way.

Details of order

I uploaded my proposal and paid through the PayPal account. There also was some sort of agreement I accepted when placing an order; the estimated delivery time was 3 days. My task wasn’t urgent; however, this site might not be an option for those who search for urgent delivery. After the payment went through and the terms of work were settled, i didn’t get in touch with them till the moment of draft delivery.

Editing quality and support

As I ordered structural editing, the file contained editor’s comments and suggestions and I had to approve some of them. I reviewed the draft and resent it to receive the final copy. Not sure if I can describe their support to you – I’ve never called them as I didn’t need to urge the editor or something. The final copy was to hand the next morning and I handed it to the teacher a few days later.


I could characterize the site as “simply good” as there wasn’t anything that could really impress me. However, when the tutor reviewed my proposal, he pointed out to the fact that the language of writing wasn’t academic enough and took off points for that. So now I believe that this site is rather for businesses, and will search for a student oriented company next time.

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proofeditme.com review

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