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proof-editing.com review

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proof-editing.com review and discounts


This is a site, which provides with proofreading and editing services. It has a good-looking design. The combination of violet and light green looks very good. The amount of graphic images is just enough and the site is fast at loading. The logo is unpretentious, simple and nice. It has an option of a live chat so it was easy and fast to contact the operator of the site with a question if any.

Policy of price

It was not a surprise for me to see how high the prices on the site are. I have seen many sites of the kind and got accustomed to seeing a policy of price like this. I am still quite naïve though thinking that the higher the price, the higher the quality is. It is a myth, sadly.

Quality of paper

It was very poor. I think it was the poorest paper I have ever seen in my entire life and I have seen plenty. I would not recommend this writer to keep doing the job he does because it is clear that he has no writing skills at all. I would accomplish the task much better if I did it myself.

Order details

I think it is needless to say that with the aim to look through the order details, one should go to order section on the navigational panel and there will be an application form to fill out. That I had no problem with. It took me a few minutes only and my order was submitted shortly afterwards.

Quality of support

I thought it would be easier and faster to apply for help via online live chat but as it turned out, it was not the easiest and fastest way. I had to wait for half an hour until the operator “woke up”. It truly seemed as if the person behind the screen was sleeping there or something. Things should not be like this. There has to be at least some automatically sent message in order for a customer to stay on the line, to maintain a semblance of work. I did not notice any.


There is a navigation panel for easier usage of the site. A visitor is able to see how it works, the services on editing and proofreading the site suggests, prices, order details and testimonials. The latter are surely positive. Have you ever seen negative ones anyway? The range of services is wide enough.


My viewpoint on the paper I received will be differ from what I happened to read while looking through the testimonials. First of all, the deadline was expired. Secondly, the policy of price is rather high. Thirdly, the quality of paper is not perfect. Mine contains lots of misprints.


I have to deny this service and would rather recommend Editing Services org due to its affordability in the first place. The quality of paper despite its rather low price is really good. I did not expect that but on the other hand, I did not expect the paper I ordered on this service to be this poorly written. One never knows. Appearances are deceptive.

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proof-editing.com review

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