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edit1st.com review

Editor's Rating:

edit1st.com review and discount code


If you are desperately seeking editing service for quite some time now, edit1st is for your attention but do not blow smoke at yourself for a count of it because this is what I had when I found it and felt optimistic until requested assistance. This is when my optimism faded away and I started to think of myself as a pessimistic person.


Get hard I thought when I was assigned to write a paper but just to write is not enough and never enough. For a paper to be complete, one should edit it before giving away to a professor or for publishing in accordance with what is the original aim of doing it. Either way, I managed to recruit my willpower and wrote it somehow or other. I could not show it without a proper editorial work to be done upon it so I began searching for an editing service. I found this one and was amazed with its simplicity but apparently, the simple design is its one and only advantage.


I thought I had tolerance but I appeared to have zero tolerance when it came to trying to reach a support representative. When I finally did, I thought to reach someone was not so very serious. I thought I was talking with a bot, a robot, a piece of wood, pardon my French or better to say a piece of iron, a bucket because of how stupid people can be and simply unable to listen. I was trying to make an operator understand what I need but it was like talking to a brick wall.

Quality of paper

There is a sample of a review but it does not mean anything. It does not mean for your paper to be flawless. I happened to come across many positive testimonials but according to my experience, which is rather negative, even a nice sample or feedback is not a recipe for success. I would rather go for a service with no feedbacks but with an excellent quality than a service with positive feedbacks but poor quality. This service is an example of the latter.

Policy of price

There is no pricelist available. It is bad because customers just like simple visitors who are potential customers may never become regular ones if no costs are seen. It makes it to where one feels rather uncomfortable not knowing. I am sure you will feel even more rugged getting to know how much editing costs on here. I was amazed with prices at Editingwritingservices.org/ let alone quality of the papers.

Order details

Order details are placed in the get started section. Opening it, you will see an application form, which is quite simple. It is probably as simple as the design of the service itself. All you need to do is to provide with your first and last names, Email address, and phone number, whether your work is fiction or non-fiction, whether you are self-publishing or seeking a book deal and at last, there is a space for additional information if any.


Simple design is nice. Nothing like advertisement popping up distracts you from what is important. Just for fun section on the navigation panel put me to smile though. It was the second and last thing about the website, which I enjoyed truly. I wish its services were on a higher level though and its pricing – lower. The website would be priceless then.

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