Proofreading companies

The business of essay writing and proofreading is full of different players. If you’re looking for a proofreader online for the first time, you can occasionally find the site offering poor services. It’s high time to protect yourself from the services giving trashy quality!

Where to proofread my essay?

A good proofreading website that is worth dealing should provide at least the following:

  • Native English editors. It’s a must if you really want a quality proofread.
  • Money back guarantee. Professional proofreading services always state the cases when you can ask your money back. If their Terms are not there or they directly claim they are not returning money, be careful – it may be a fraud.
  • Available support. If they don’t provide support, it means you won’t be able to know how the essay proofreader’s work on your paper is going.
  • Transparency and honesty! All the information about prices, how-it-works etc. should be on the visible place. If the site doesn’t give such information and doesn’t say a single word about their proofreaders, it can be a bit suspicious.

What can you find here?

  • Customer reviews. We did our best to publish reviews of the most popular services online. Each review contains as much information as possible about a proofreading company. Their former customers share the information about how much they charge, how fast they return the proofread paper and how well they do the editing itself.
  • Company rating. Each reviewer rates a proofreading company he used, and we place the companies with the highest customer rating on the top of the site. If the company has 4 or 5 stars, it means that you can use it safely as it has been checked by customers who confirmed they are trustworthy.
  • Share your opinion! We bet you’ve tried proofreading services at least once. So why not tell the others about your experience? Let’s swap the information and choose the best online proofreading services together!

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