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Find the first class professional proofreading services in minutes.

No more wasted time, money and low grades for papers! As a student, you definitely know how important the proofreading is. It’s easy to mix things up when writing a complex paper, so you’re often in need of someone to check it again and polish all possible mistakes.

Many online proofreading services offer their help in this area. Not every service will do, though. Many proofreading and editing services are stuffed with mediocre writers who will leave mistakes after their check and let the professor take off points for them.

You will never know how good these proofreading editing services are until you make an order and pay your own money! This is the only sure way to locate someone who does their job as they’re supposed to do and make a proper proofreading.

Now, you don’t need to do that on your own – we’ve done it for you!

Customer reviews of the best (and worst) paper proofreading services online

Our reviews have been written by people who already bought from these services. By visiting the site, you can only hear the advertising and promises. But after checking our reviews, you’ll know things from the inside – their attitude to customer, their reliability and how good they do their work.
“I need someone to proofread my paper” – you may think. Here you won’t find any writer. But you will find the information where to find the best online essay proofreader.
We do not promote any services and make the rating solely based on the customer rating. The more reviewers gave the website 5 stars, the higher its overall rating will be. If you have another opinion, you’re always welcome to join!

How will it work for me?

  • Read the review thoroughly before you order from the site – so you will know if they are trustworthy
  • Compare the prices for proofreader services
  • Find the information about the best proofreaders
  • Save time as you don’t need to open lots of tabs – all the most popular services have been reviewed here
  • Pick the US proof reader who can really make your essay shine.

So, if you’re not sure about some services – you don’t have to risk! Check our customer reviews and only then decide if to buy from them or not. Also, we will offer you discount codes for each site reviewed here!

papertrue.com review

papertrue.com review and discount system This site was created with the aim to provide with assistance in the area of editing and proofreading services. Its design is quite simple, there is a navigation bar, which makes it to where one may easily surf through the site and look it through for the purpose of finding its range of services, policy of price and how to make an order. At first sight, looking through the website, it gave me a feeling more

proof-editing.com review

proof-editing.com review and discounts Description This is a site, which provides with proofreading and editing services. It has a good-looking design. The combination of violet and light green looks very good. The amount of graphic images is just enough and the site is fast at loading. The logo is unpretentious, simple and nice. It has an option of a live chat so it was easy and fast to contact the operator of the site with a question if any. Policy more

avizoessays.com review

avizoessays.com review and discounts Description AvizoEssays is an information portal, which provides services in the branch of professional translation and editing. This firm can edit CV, cover letters, motivation letters and essays. It is possible to order free review of your paper. The editor check it, and after it, the customer will get an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of its document. After free review, the client can decide whether to edit the document or not. There are useful more

medsciediting.com review

medsciediting.com review and discounts Usability This company has a narrow specialization. They do evaluation, translation, editing, and writing in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and healthcare field. Support It’s a Chinese company, established in 2008. They have head office in Shanghai and branch office in Beijing. Addresses, emails and phone numbers of both offices are provided on the website. Price I have to say that prices for the services are high. Apparently, it’s dictated by the specialization of the website. Translation services for more

proofreadingcamp.com review

proofreadingcamp.com review and discounts proofreadingcamp.com is a proofreading company located in USA. The website is very simple and plain. There are a lot of general information and nothing specific about the company itself. However, one thing attracted my attention. proofreadingcamp.com offers to buy course or download special tool for proofreading. It could be helpful for students on proofreading and editing services. A Proofreading course leearn how to proofread any document with confidence with world-class proofreading training from the professionals at more

onlineproofreadingservices.net review

onlineproofreadingservices.net review and discount code Description This is a site, which provides with proofreading and editing services. There is contact information to apply for help in case of any questions. You can see a navigation bar with options to choose from and look though policy of price and how to make an order for instance. The design is simple. There is basically no graphic images. Price policy To view the policy of price, go to pricing section on the panel more